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ULC offers worship gatherings every Sunday. The 8AM is a traditional style worship where we sing hymns led by an organ. The 9:45AM & 11:30AM worship gatherings are contemporary services with a band and more modern worship songs.
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The sort of idolatry that plagues most of us on a daily basis is far more dangerous than the worship of false deities that so clearly rival the worship of the Triune God. The idolatry that plagues us has a way of stealing our affections while allowing us to outwardly and even cognitively maintain our religious convictions. It is a sort of idolatry that allows us to, as Yahweh says through the prophet Isaiah, draw near with our mouths and honor him with our lips, while our hearts are far from him. James K.A. Smith writes, “To be human is to love, and it is what we love that defines who we are. Our (ultimate) love is constitutive of our identity… Our ultimate love is what we worship.” So, what do you love most? As we take the season of Lent to reflect on idols in our lives this lent, this is ultimately the question we need to ask ourselves, because what we love is ultimately what we will worship.

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