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ULC offers worship gatherings every Sunday. The 8AM is a traditional style worship where we sing hymns led by an organ. The 9:45AM & 11:30AM worship gatherings are contemporary services with a band and more modern worship songs.
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Every Advent season, ULC commits to care for our neighbors locally and globally by giving to a variety of organizations. This year participating is easier than ever, as we have built an online store to make giving simple. For more information about our partnerships this year and to give, check out the store using the link below! 

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Matriarchs // The Women of Jesus’ Lineage

For most of us, biblical genealogies are one of those parts of Scripture that make our eyes glaze over and put us to sleep. But, genealogies remind us of a profound truth: God works through ordinary, mundane, broken people. As we look at the genealogy of Jesus, we might notice a few peculiar things that aim to say some important things about Jesus. We find in it some people we might not expect from an ancient record of the Messiah’s birth, namely, it includes women. As we look at the lives of these women, we see profound examples of faith, coupled with the reminder that we await a kingdom in which “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

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