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Matriarchs // The Women of Jesus’ Lineage

For most of us, biblical genealogies are one of those parts of Scripture that make our eyes glaze over and put us to sleep. But, genealogies remind us of a profound truth: God works through ordinary, mundane, broken people. As we look at the genealogy of Jesus, we might notice a few peculiar things that aim to say some important things about Jesus. We find in it some people we might not expect from an ancient record of the Messiah’s birth, namely, it includes women. As we look at the lives of these women, we see profound examples of faith, coupled with the reminder that we await a kingdom in which “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Tamar – 11/19/2020

Rahab – 12/06/2020

Ruth – 12/13/2020

Bathsheba – 12/20/2020

Mary – 12/24/2020

Eve – 12/27/2020

Greater Than // A Series on Colossians

The church in the ancient city of Colossae found themselves in a tricky spot. They were a young church experiencing pressure from both inside and outside the church to conform their beliefs and lifestyle in order to make Christianity more palatable to their neighbors. In the midst of this pressure, St. Paul wrote a letter to remind this church of one fundamental truth; Jesus is greater. He’s greater than suffering. He’s greater than legalism. He’s greater than sin. He’s greater than isolation. Join us as we hear these needed words spoken into our lives today!

Greater Than Suffering – 11/01/2020

Greater Than Legalism – 11/08/2020

Greater Than Sin – 11/15/2020

Greater Than Isolation – 11/22/2020


We live in a world of polarization and either/or thinking. Progressive or conservative, traditional or modern, religious or secular. This list is never-ending. Too often, this either/or thinking causes us to think wrongly about our faith. We create boundaries that are man-made and make dichotomies where Jesus intended tension. What if the answer to being a faithful Christian in a world of polarization is not to adopt “this-or-that” but to faithfully embrace “this-and-that” as we love God AND our neighbors?

Affirm & Critique – 9/6/2020

Grace & Truth – 9/13/2020

Faith & Reason – 9/20/2020

Honor & Accountability – 9/27/2020

Biblical Values & Social Justice – 10/4/2020

Global & Local – 10/11/2020

Sinner & Saint – 10/18/2020

Law & Gospel – 10/25/2020