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We live in a world of polarization and either/or thinking. Progressive or conservative, traditional or modern, religious or secular. This list is never-ending. Too often, this either/or thinking causes us to think wrongly about our faith. We create boundaries that are man-made and make dichotomies where Jesus intended tension. What if the answer to being a faithful Christian in a world of polarization is not to adopt “this-or-that” but to faithfully embrace “this-and-that” as we love God AND our neighbors?

Affirm & Critique – 9/6/2020

Grace & Truth – 9/13/2020

Faith & Reason – 9/20/2020

Honor & Accountability – 9/27/2020

Biblical Values & Social Justice – 10/4/2020

Global & Local – 10/11/2020

Sinner & Saint – 10/18/2020