Join Us for A Worship Gathering

Worship Schedule

Worship Gatherings at ULC typically last a little over an hour and include singing, prayer, scripture readings, a sermon, and Communion. During the academic year we enjoy a meal together after each gathering.

8a Traditional Sunday Gathering 

Our early gathering includes music from the hymnal, usually played on the organ or piano. Stay after for breakfast! Due to Covid-19, you must register for this gathering on Eventbrite or watch our service live on YouTube!


9:45a & 11:30a Contemporary Sunday Gatherings

Our late gatherings are similar to the 8a in format, but includes songs led by a band. Coffee and bagels are served after the 9:45a gathering or you can stick around for lunch after the 11:30a gathering. Due to Covid-19, you must register for this gathering on Eventbrite or watch our service live on YouTube!


Student Night of Praise

Our student group also hosts monthly student night of praise for both high school and college students on Wednesdays. Follow our Facebook group for more information on when to come or join us live on YouTube!


ULC is located on Washtenaw Ave. in Ann Arbor. You are welcome to park in our lot or use street parking in the area.

What to Expect

What’s a gathering like?

All gatherings include worship with singing, corporate Confession (admitting to God we need forgiveness), and Absolution (forgiveness through our belief in Christ’s death on the Cross), Scripture readings, the sermon (spoken message from the pastor), the creed (statement of what we believe as the Christian church) and Holy Communion.

What’s the music like?

During the 8AM service, we sing hymns led by the piano or organ and follow the liturgy of the hymnal. The 9:45AM & 11:30AM services are led by a worship team and usually includes a mixture of piano, acoustic guitar, strings, percussion and vocals.

How do people dress?

People wear everything from Michigan shirts to sundresses. In general the early birds at the 8AM service lean more towards the khaki and collared shirt end of the spectrum, whereas the later crowd embraces the casual jeans and sweaters.

What about my kids?

Bring them! We love them! At ULC we welcome kids in the service but there are also locations to step out if necessary. Our church body feels like a family where the parents, young professionals and college students alike get to know the kids and enjoy their energy.

Can I take Communion?

We welcome EVERYONE to join us as we circle the altar during communion!  Because Communion is a statement of our unity of faith, we ask that only those who have been baptized, prepared themselves, and share our beliefs receive communion.  If our beliefs are new or unfamiliar to you, or you are not prepared to receive communion today, please join us around the altar and cross your arms over your chest to indicate you will not be receiving communion today.  And then after the service please speak with the pastor or ask someone to point out an elder to have a conversation about what we believe and to answer any questions you may have.

How can I get connected?

Stop by the Guest Station in the main entrance to learn more about ULC and ways to get connected. Be sure to follow our social media outlets to stay updated during the week.